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The following information has not been evaluated by the FDA or by our company. We do not claim that our products directly prevent, or cure any disease. We do not suggest that anyone should replace traditional medical treatment with our products. Our company's products are promoted for their ability to enhance the effectiveness of our natural immune system functions. On this website you will be exposed to many testimonies and nutritional ideas. We encourage you to use common sense and prudence in evaluating testimonies, research, and the opinions of individuals who post on this board. Testimonies can be based on "placebo effects," which basically means that you can experience temporary results just because you really believe you will get better. “Placebo” results generally fade a way after a short period. Keep in mind that some of these statements and testimonies come from distributors of these products and may have a conflict of interest. We have not researched the accuracy of each testimony .

Research can be complicated to translate into real life situations. The positive results achieved in the short term through in vitro and in vivo studies do not take into account long-term side effects, which could be positive or negative. There are herbs and nutrients that can be harmful if consumed in large dosages such as vitamin A. When consuming nutrients with medical drugs you should check with a pharmacist for possible drug interaction problems. Occasionally we have medical doctors visit our board and share their opinions and experiences. Although, we believe these medical professionals are sincere, keep in mind that even medical doctors may disagree on certain subjects. It is our desire to expose you to many different ideas for your consideration. Our focus is on supporting the immune system, which can assist your body in staying healthy. The testimonies and information on this website only represent the opinions of the individuals involved. We encourage you to use common sense in your expectations in consuming any nutritional product.

The immune system is one of our defenses against disease. The immune system is the body’s actual agent involved in healing or recovering from an illness. There are nutrients that we believe can support proper immune functions. It is not our intent to indicate that nutrition can always cause the immune system to prevent all illness or any particular illness. Nor, is it our intent to indicate that nutrition can always cause the immune system to heal us when we are ill. However, we do believe that research indicates nutrition is important for a healthy and responsive immune system. There is an abundance of research taking place throughout the world on nutrition and its effect on our health. There is a great deal of conflicting opinions and research. We live in an exciting time and many of us want to benefit from all of the breakthrough research going on. At the same time we want to be wise in our approach to healthcare. On this website we attempt to provide educational information through studies, opinions and testimonies that will provide you with a variety of perspectives for your consideration.

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