Immune system support for patients, nurses, doctors, and aids in quarantine

Our government experts agree that we can expect twenty five percent of our population to die in the event of a serious pandemic and that there will be a pandemic. This will create shortages, disrupt transportation, utilities, food supplies, business operations, and increase gas and food prices to varying degrees in various areas from time to time. We have been advised to stockpile food and supplies now, before this becomes a fact. These experts suggest that we cannot expect our government to protect us and that a vaccine and antibiotic program will not be effective because it has limited effectiveness and cannot be produced and stock piled for rapid changing bacterial mutations. Glove, gown, needle pricks, and mask permeability are well known hazards by professionals. Hand washing is helpful but can make skin more vulnerable when it becomes thin, chapped, cracked, or dry from soap and some ingredients in lotion. Unidentified infections, air born viruses and bacteria, unintended contact, and default of protocol put doctors, nurses, and aids at more risk for contracting infectious invaders. Ultimately, your first and best line of defense is a strong immune system response and there is no better way to support your immune system response than by taking transfer factors on a daily basis. Transfer factors do not treat any disease. Transfer Factors from 4Life increase natural killer cell activity and immunoglobulin antibodies better than any other product on the market. It improves your immune system's ability to recognize a threat, respond faster, and remember the threat for a proper immune response in the future as well as know img when and where to slow down the immune response. We suggest that you take Transfer Factor tri-factor everyday so your immune system is primed and ready to fight. Double up on it during a pandemic. Keep your skin healthy with Enummi. Use Transfer Factor Kids formula for kids. Stock up on extra Transfer Factor Classic, RioVida, Transfer Factor Immune Spray, Super Detox Formula, Transfer Factor Cardio, Transfer Factor Glucoach, RiteStart Men or Women, and Choice 50 so you have a reserve supply to take during a pandemic, shortage, and recovery period. H5 infections are extra hard on the heart, liver, pancreas, endocrine, and brain.

4Life Transfer Factor Classic from Bovine Colostrum
Regular price: $42.95
Sale price: $37.95, 12/$379.50
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RiteStart® Kids & Teens
Regular price: $43.95
Sale price: $39.95, 12/$439.45
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4Life Transfer Factor Immune Spray Formula with Colloidal Silver
Regular price: $29.95
Sale price: $24.95, 12/$274.45
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Enummi® Intensive Care Body Lotion
Regular price: $21.95
Sale price: $16.95, 12/$186.45
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Enummi® Lite Body Lotion (humid formulation)
Regular price: $21.95
Sale price: $16.95, 12/$186.45
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4Life Choice 50 - Grape Seed, Bioflavonoids, And Other Powerful Antioxidants
Regular price: $32.95
Sale price: $27.95, 12/$307.45
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Newly discovered health benefits from liver detoxification
Regular price: $28.95
Sale price: $23.95, 12/$263.45
Newly discovered health benefits from liver detoxification 23015-6
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4Life Transfer Factor Cardio Formula - Targeted nutrition for cardiovascular health
Regular price: $54.95
Sale price: $49.95, 12/$549.45
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RiteStart Men with 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula
Regular price: $64.95
Sale price: $59.95, 2/$114.95, 12/$659.45
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4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor RiteStart Women A More Complete Nutritional Supplement
Regular price: $64.95
Sale price: $59.95, 2/$114.95, 12/$659.45
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4Life Transfer Factor GluCoach For Endocrine and Blood Sugar Balance*
Regular price: $54.95
Sale price: $49.85, 12/$549.45
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