Independent Study on Fibromyalgia

Transfer Factor Plus™: An In Vivo (in body) Study

April 27, 2000

Purpose of Study: To determine the effectiveness of natural products in increasing the function of Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity in chronic illnesses. In this study persons suffering from Fibromyalgia were chosen to take part in an in vivo study.

Background: It is felt that chronic illnesses represent immune system failures in most instances, particularly in the Fibromyalgia Syndrome. There have been many published reports of low Natural Killer Cell activity or function in persons with Fibromyalgia.

Natural Killer Cells: Natural Killer Cells are the first line of defense in our innate immune systems. Natural Killer Cells are lethal lymphocytes containing granules filled with potent chemicals. They do not need to recognize a particular threat but rather attack anything recognized as "nonself". They protect against and target tumor cells and a wide variety of infectious microbes, particularly virally infected cells. NK cells kill by binding to their targets and delivering a lethal burst of chemicals that produce holes in the target cells' membrane. Fluids seep in and leak out and the cells burst and die.

Patient Selection: Nine patients were enrolled in the study who had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and who weren't taking any known immune stimulants at the time of enrollment.

Nutritional Supplements Used in Study:* Name: Dosage: Transfer Factor Plus™ One, twice daily, days 1 - 10 - Two, twice daily, days 11 - 20 Fibro AMJ™ Daytime Formula Two, three times daily Fibro AMJ™ Nighttime Formula One, nightly Choice 50™ Antioxidants One, twice daily

NK: Natural Killer Cells are an important part of our body's defense against infection and sickness. They seek and destroy infected or malignant cells through direct contact.

Comment: If a person has a Natural Killer Cell activity below 20%, they are felt to be more susceptible to acute or chronic illnesses, or to have a compromised ability to recover from existing illnesses. All of the nine volunteers had NK Cell function of less than 20% activity with a range of 6 to 13%, and an average of the group of 10% activity.

Summary: All of the nine patients had significant increases in Natural Killer Cell activity. The levels after 20 days on the products now ranged form 19.5% to 35.5% with an average of 26.9%. This represented an increase of 2.69 times the baseline average of 10%, or 269% of the baseline average.

Selecting our products for Fibromyalgia

All of these products have been formulated in order to address the physiological deficits and needs of individuals suffering from fibromyalgia. If this is your first month of using these products it is recommended you select the "Transfer Factor™ Combo". If you are ready to begin your second consecutive month of product use, you will want to select the "Transfer Factor Plus™ Combo". You are encouraged to utilize the maximum number of products that fall within your budgetary means. If you have any product questions please email us at: info@immunewise.com

Transfer Factor™ Combo (First Month) Price Transfer Factor™ Fibro AMJ™ Night-Time Formula Fibro AMJ™ Day-Time Formula (2 bottles) $95.85 Transfer Factor Plus™ Combo (Month 2 and Thereafter) Transfer Factor™ Plus Fibro AMJ™ Night-Time Formula Fibro AMJ™ Day-Time Formula (2 bottles) $111.85 Optional Products: Choice 50™ Antioxidants $26.95 BioVitaMins™ $29.95 BioEFA's™ $17.95 BioGenistein Plus™ FemRite™ Creme $34.95 Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics $29.95

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