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Hi, my name is Wayne Helmstedter: Enroller and Sponsor ID# 5146294

The 4 Life Research work at home business compensation plan is making money for successful independent distributors all over the world. This fast growing mlm business gives you the potential to increase your income while you support superior health. Take these steps and you could be well on your way to starting your own home based business.

With our personal training, you can be making money through your own on line business using sound business principals and solid network marketing techniques. We will help you learn how to grow your own network. 4 Life gives you the competitive edge in home based business with exclusive patented products like 4Life transfer factor that does more to help your immune system than any other product line known to humanity. All you have to do is make up your mind to do it, and contact me to get started.

If you look down this page you will find an abundance of references, resources, and step by step training we use to help you build your 4Life business on and off line. All you have to do is activate your account and get access to all of my training is enroll as a 4Life distributor under my ID# 5146294. Then, when you have put the training into practice, you can use this training program to train your distributors.

But wait, there is one more thing. You need determination and need to get started now. The only people that fail are the ones that do not take action or do not implement every step of the plan.

We could charge a lot for this training but we know you need to get started. We know that you do not need any obstacle like lack of money getting in your way. It does not cost a lot. It is only about $50.00 to implement what you will learn with the training and starts at $158.00 for the 4Life Leader 4Life distributorship. You can start earning money right away. The rest will come with time. People are earning a good living with this automated step by step system. Get started now.

1. Enroll As A Distributor 2. Pick A Topic
3. Get An Autoresponder 4. List Building
5. More List Building 6. Set Up Your Marketing Page
7. Learn About Transfer Factors 8. YouTube Videos

Head in the direction of your dreams... Dreams give meaning to life. When you aim the right dream in the right direction, there is no telling how far you can go. Occasionally, a work at home job opportunity comes along that is good enough to make us change the direction that we're headed. We encourage you to take life off autopilot and consider whether it's time to redirect your efforts. This single defining moment can change the course of everything to follow. And, it is important to say...

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." (Lao Tzu)

We encourage you to associate with and learn from successful people like us who represent 4life Research as independent distributors. We have dreams and goals and we take action to obtain them. Take a moment to make sure that what you are doing in your life is going to get you to your goals and dreams.

Destination... The optimal life

All 4Life distributor dreams lead to a single destination, Optimal Living for yourself and others. Imagine what living your optimal life would be like. 

  • What kind of lifestyle would you enjoy?
  • What would you like to be doing?
  • How healthy would you be?
  • Where would you live?
  • What kind of car would you drive?
  • How would your family spend summer vacation?

Some people live in a dream world... some people live in reality... and a select few find a way to turn one into the other. 4Life Research, gives you the opportunity to do that.

Why is 4Life Research different? There are at least five good reasons to join 4Life Research®.

  1. Everything in your life benefits from a good healthy immune system.
  2. Transfer Factor® is the most incredible immune system product on the market and nobody can copy it because it is patented.

    Patent #6,468,534

    Our second patent secured rights to the extraction process from chicken egg yolks. This patent enabled 4Life to generate targeted Transfer Factor. Targeted Transfer Factor® has highly developed immune abilities designed to focus on the needs of specific body systems. This patent led to an entire line of 4Life Targeted Transfer Factor products that enhance the development of immune functions to meet the specific needs of the cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system and others.

    Patent #6,866,868

    All those sixes and eights boil down to two things: Eggs and cows! This patent, obtained in 2005, protects the unique manufacturing process 4Life uses to prepare synergistic combinations of transfer factors derived from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks. This new patent specifically applies to all 4Life products that contain the Transfer Factor E-XF™ blend. This blend was proven in studies to increase immune system activity by 238 percent in 4Life Transfer Factor® and 437 percent in 4Life Transfer Factor Plus.

  3. You get a superior compensation plan.
  4. You get a well defined and proven training system for success.
  5. We offer a support team of experts to help you get started based on the principal ofTogether, Building People.

1.  Everyone benefits from a healthy immune system.

Why is that? Aside from fighting off foreign invaders, a rapid-fire immune system is key to keeping energy reserves fired up and, ultimately, enhances every activity in your optimal life. 


The wellness industry is growing because people want to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

The "Baby Boomers" are growing older and they demand an active lifestyle which requires a proactive approach to staying healthy. With the environmental challenges of everyday life, there is a universal need for strong immune system support and dietary supplements which effectively support better health. 4Life Research and Transfer Factor Tri-Factor formulas fit right in with the needs of every citizen who wants to stay healthy. 4Life Research litterly discovered and holds the patents on the products that support the structures and functions of a good healthy body. You can cash that in at your bank, attorney, and doctor.

The wellness business is currently a $300 billion industry and it's expected to exceed the trillion dollar mark by the end of this decade (Paul Zane Pilzer, 2006). This gives you an exceptional business opportunity to develop health and wealth by network marketing 4Life Research products. By the way, network marketing is a very successful way to develop large amounts of residual income.


The Lisonbees search for immune system support...

David and Bianca Lisonbee: the quest for wellness. Meet David Lisonbee: a successful businessman and family man whose interest in immune system health led him to the startling discovery of transfer factor.

He and his wife, Bianca, spent more than 20 years investigating the effects of nutritional support on the body, and this ongoing research resulted in the discovery of a lifetime: the patent for transfer factors. David and Bionca wanted to share their discovery with the world, because they knew it could help people change their lives for the better. This leads to the Second reason to choose 4Life Research products: unique and patented products that successfully support superior health.

2.  Everyone with 4Life Research benefits from Transfer Factor products.

4Life Research specializes in transfer factor products... but what are transfer factors? Transfer factors don't come from exotic fruit. They also aren't vitamins, minerals, herbs, hormones, or drugs. They’re molecules, naturely found in our bodies that modulate the body's own immune system response. Transfer factors operate as immune system messengers; sharing their intelligence, intuition, and wisdom that the body needs to rally a quick and effective immune system response in any variety of situations.

Just how well do Transfer Factor products work? 

How does an unpresidented 437 percent increase in immune cell activation sound?

4Life Research has taken an extraordinary discovery and made it better and better, and this boils down to two words: unlimited potential. With multiple patents and ongoing research in immune system support, 4life has pioneered transferceutical technology. 

Transfer Factor is wellness technology without boundaries.

Tranfer Factor makes 4Life Research the immune system support company.

4Life continues to research, validate, and innovate!

What does unlimited potential mean? 

Ever since 4Life Research launched their first Transfer Factor product, they've been innovators in Transferceutical technology - conducting research, registering patents, and moving the entire industry forward in a monumental way. 

The next 10 years will continue to reveal further discoveries as 4Life's Research and Development team continues studying the best possible ways to support the immune system.

With such innovative products as transfer factor, 4Life Research needed a means to inform the public as to what 4Life Transfer Factor could do to support your health. They knew that we need to share transfer factor products on a individual one-to-one basis.

There are many benefits of the network marketing model...

  • Gives you the freedom of owning your own business, setting your own hours, and unlimited potential.
  • Minimizes your time and financial investments. You do not have to invest thousands of dollars to get started.
  • Reduces your overhead costs. There is no necessity to have inventory, rent, bookeeping, advertising, and other expenses.
  • Compensation plan earnings offers no financial cap.

                            And, most important...

  • The freedom of residual income

Why choose network marketing?

David and Bianca are successful in network marketing companies. After 11 years of experience, they knew that, done right, network marketing would allow them to pair their unique product with an opportunity for unlimited success.

The Lisonbees wanted distributors to experience not only physical well-being, but financial freedom as well. 

In every sense, they wanted to change lives for the better.

Residual Income... 

It is a check that keeps on coming week after week, month after month, year after year...

Here is how you develop the freedom of residual income.

  • You share 4Life's story.
  • They share it with others.
  • You increase your potential to earn money now and later.

Once you learn the system, residual income can provide a stable, long-term financial foundation. 

These long-term financial opportunities bring us to 4Life's third differentiator, the compensation plan.

3.  4Life Research has an unbeatable compensation plan.

The Life Rewards Plan

If you've ever investigated other network marketing companies, you might have discovered that some compensation plans pay generously to the new person... others pay generously to the big guy or gal for that matter... However, the 4Life Research compensation plan is set up to pay generously to everyone... and that's hard to beat. 

There is beauty in the balance.

The beauty of the 4Life Research compensation plan is that it's a balanced plan, which means there's good payment for everyone, at every level. 

Do you want to work your 4Life Business part time? Do you want to maximize your efforts - and paychecks - with 4Life? Do you just want to get your 4Life Products free? No matter which path you choose, you'll find a generous compensation plan with bonus payouts.

The Life Rewards Compensation Plan

Our Life Rewards Plan pays off. 

We have some of the highest compensation payouts in the industry, up to 64 percent.

You get Rapid Rewards: 25 percent of the first LP order placed by every new distributor you personally enroll. That's $25 straight off the top of every first 100 LP order. The more volume you generate in new enrollments, the bigger your "rapid rewards" check will be.

Personal LP Payouts: a 25 percent payout on personal volume over 100 LP, sweet and simple.

Power Pool Checks: Get your share of the entire company's earnings by participating in the Power Pool.

Infinity Commissions: Here's where growing a professional organization pays off. Not only does 4Life Research pay incredible rewards up front, but also they keep on paying all the way down until someone of like rank bumps that distributor.

Our Compensation Plan will leave you wanting for only one thing, more people to share it.

What makes it so easy to share the Life Rewards Plan

  • The plan is balanced.
  • It pays up to four times per month.
  • It has one of the highest payouts in the industry (64 percent).
  • The Power Pool makes it easy to get started.
  • Infinity commissions provide limitless earning potential.
  • You become part of a team dedicated to achieving your success.

In addition to a powerful compensation plan, 4Life Research recognizes the need for a systematic approach to achieving your dreams. This leads us to 4Life's distinguishing feature... a proven system for success.

4.  4Life Research has a proven system for success.

The system makes it simple. No matter where they are in the world, 4Life Distributors benefit from following a proven system. The system supplies:

  • Integrated tools
  • Quality presentations
  • Effective recognition
  • Thorough training
  • Business-building opportunities

Whether it's sitting down one-on-one, participating in a web training session, attending a Leader In You Academy, or taking part in a conference call, the system ensures that you get the support you need.

Incidentally, this focus on support brings us to our final distinction, 4Life's commitment to Together, Building People.

5. Together, Building People is more than a philosophy... it's 4Lifes way of recognizing the most important thing we do: Helping distributors build lasting relationships that change people's lives.

This distinction isn't as tangible as our patented products or high payout percentages, but it will make 4Life Research a company that you'll enjoy doing business with. From day one, you'll find that, we care about each other, and we put camaraderie and community above all else.

Foundation 4Life 

At 4Life Research, concern for others doesn't end with business building... in fact, that's only the beginning. Foundation 4Life provides the structure for all 4Life Distributors to participate in humanitarian causes around the globe, helping those in need enjoy a better quality of life.

And, just how many people are Together, Building People with 4Life?

4Life is a solid choice

4Life is a solid company. Since its launch in 1998, 4Life has continued to advance. With an experienced, principled executive team, an in-house Research and Development team, and an international Health Sciences Advisory Board, 4Life Research continues to grow - and experience record sales, month after month, and year after year.

4Life Leadership

A company’s executive team influences every decision. You may think, "Every company has a executive team, so why is a strong team so important? Because every decision a company makes is governed by the standards and principles enforced by its executive team. When you select 4Life, you choose individuals with a proven record of accomplishment of:

  • Fairness
  • Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Persistence
  • Honesty
  • Kindness

4Life Research inspires confidence. 

Here are a few third-party sources that highlight our success:

  • Success from Home sold in bookstores nationwide, Success from Home magazine provides in-depth profiles of companies that set the standard for success in home-based businesses. The 4Life issue of Success from Home covers all the bases and makes sharing the 4Life story simple and fun.
  • Inc. magazine The Inc. 500 lists reveals the true movers and shakers of the privately held companies in the United States. 4Life Research was ranked 15th on the list.
  • Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) When medical professionals need answers about supplements, they turn to the Physicians' Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements, the standard supplement guide. 4Life Transfer Factor products have listed in this guide since 2003, increasing our accessibility within the medical community.

Choosing to join 4Life means global opportunities.

Since opening its doors in 1998, 4Life has expanded into more than 40 countries around the globe, with more than a dozen on-the-ground offices, a huge multi-lingual distributor services call center, worldwide shipping, websites in just about any language... and we're not stopping there.

Arrive at your chosen destination.

Merge your path with 4Life Research. Where could you be in five years if you choose 4Life today? We've shown you how the 4Life journey excites thousands of people, but a different facet of the 4Life Opportunity inspires each individual. 

So, what inspires you?

  • Is it maintaining optimal wellness through 4Life Transfer Factor immune system support?
  • Is it having more cash - and more peace of mind - every month?
  • Is it the very real possibility of living your own dreams, rather than working to fulfill someone else's?

No matter what attracts you to 4Life, we have a way to merge your path with ours.

If you are ready to get started, sign up today.

You will find all of the application information below.

Enrollment Options

1.  Diamond 4Life

  • Infinity payout available at Diamond4Life level (first six months)
  • Maximum products for your dollar, over $100 savings when you enroll
  • Maximum volume for your efforts, enroll others at Diamond4Life and accrue up to 300 percent more initial volume.
  • Professional presentation materials, including a $100 product display carryall!
  • Receive your own my4life.com website for 90 days.

2.  Leader4Life is also a strong start on the 4Life path

  • Paid at the Leader level for the life of your 4Life Business
  • Receive your own my4life.com website for 60 days

3.  Associate Enrollment.

  • You’ll earn 15 percent on the first orders of your personally-enrolled distributors AND 15 percent on all your customer orders.
  • You’ll enjoy 4Life Products at wholesale cost.

4.  Preferred Customer is for the 4Life product fan.

  • Enjoy our products at the wholesale prices - and of course, you can sign up as a distributor at any time.
  • There is no requirement and no charge to sign up as a Preferred Customer.

Call Wayne Helmstedter - Cell (330) 414-7584 Independent Distributor ID# 5146294

Fax (330) 865-9431


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