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4Life Transfer Factor Plus

is shown to improve immune system activity by increasing immunoglobulin antibodies by 73 percent, boosting natural killer cell activity against cancer cells by 437 percent, and effectively educating the immune system to better recognize, respond to, and recover from foreign invaders and other threats to your health.

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What is Transfer Factor?

4Life Transfer Factor is made of tiny molecules that intelligently regulate immune system activities such as recognition, response and memory of foreign invaders. 4Life Transfer Factor increases, decreases, and educates helper T Cells, Natural Killer (NK) cells, and Immunoglobulin Antibodies (IgA) according to your needs. Transfer factor is found in the bodies of all higher animals. They are transferred from a mother who breast feeds to her new born infant to support the infant's immune system.

Transfer Factor History

In the 1940s, Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence discovered he could transfer the victorious immune response of a person who was exposed to a foreign invader by transferring the donor's dialyzable leukocytes to a naive recipient. He called this process the "transfer factor". Since then, researchers completed thousands of transfer factor studies with mixed results depending on dosage, experimental design, and other aspects of research. After 1992, Kirkpatrick distinguished specific transfer factor molecules at the atomic level. His results indicate that the transfer factor is constituted by a large group of amino acid molecules, of low molecular weights, from 1.0 to 6.0 kDa. Medline, the National Institute of Health’s online service published over 1,200 scientific abstracts on the immune benefits of transfer factor. An estimated $40,000,000 was spent on research. (See references)

During the early 1990s, David Lisonbee founder and president of 4Life Research discovered how pure transfer factor molecules can be extracted from colostrum and egg yolks and received patents for the processes to make 4life Transfer Factor capsules and liquid formulas. 4Life Research chose colostrum and egg yolks because they knew that cows and chickens are exposed to a broad spectrum of foreign invaders from being outdoors and eating off the ground. Cows and chickens also make transfer factor molecules that are identical to the transfer factor that healthy human immune systems develop if they are exposed to these same potentially dangerous foreign invaders.

Currently, 4Life produces standardized dietary nutritional supplements that transfer this experienced immune system information to naive recipients so their immune systems are prepared to deal with these microscopic threats through a network of distributors. Independent study results show that 4Life's transfer factor Tri-factor increases natural killer cell functions by 283 percent in pure extract and 437 percent in their proprietary blend of 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor ingredients. This is more effective than any other method known at this time. (See chart) Recent studies show that 4Life Transfer Factor also increase immunoglobulin antibodies (IgA) by 73 percent. (See Transfer Factor Studies

4Life Transfer Factor Side Effects

The FDA generally regards 4Life Transfer Factor as safe. Pure transfer factor does not demonstrate toxicity or side effects even at 200 times the recommended dose. Transfer factor is a normal part of our bodies' so there are no drug interactions with pure transfer factor.

Comparison of Different Sources of Transfer Factor

There are several sources of transfer factor. Independent comparison studies show that other sources that use filters with immune system support products are relatively more costly and ineffective. Most just boost immune system activity and can overstimulate your immune system responses. The safest source remains the extraction process patented by 4Life Research. As with many innovative breakthroughs that threaten convention, 4Life transfer factor was being met with sometimes criminal contempt (1).

While 4life transfer factor molecules speed up recognition of threats, modulate your immune system response, and remembers these invaders so your immune system is prepared if the threat returns, there is something more. Through thousands of studies and years of research, 4Life researchers found even smaller molecules. They call these nanofractions nanofactor. Nanofactor gives your immune system the intuition to know when to act, how to act, and when to rest after it has the threat under control. Taking 4Life Transfer Factor with nanofractions effectively helps your immune system identify and fight off threats or foreign invaders, and then preserves energy by reducing your immune system response when the threat is under control according to your individual needs. This restores your energy levels so you can do more of the things you want to do.

Another reason for using 4Life Transfer Factor is the increase in new antibiotic resistant bacteria, and the many adverse side effects of antibiotics. According to recent methodological studies from Russia, the natural immune system support provided by 4Life Transfer Factor offers so many benefits over antibiotics that they now advise that their doctors use 4Life Transfer Factor before resorting to the use of antibiotics.

4Life Transfer Factor Review

The daily need for 4Life Transfer Factor in children and adults comes from the interplay of genetic and environmental threats that weaken and/or over-activate healthy immune systems responses to foreign invaders and other threats to your health. Almost any attempt to improve immune system health should embrace 4Life Transfer Factor, 4life Transfer Factor Plus, or 4Life Targeted Transfer Factor products. It is well known that pollution, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, the effects of drugs, and especially too many simple sugars compromise our immune system and endanger our health and lifestyles. Since your immune system is key to your health, 4Life Transfer factor is one of the more important dietary nutritional supplements and can quickly change the course of your health for the better.

1. Viza, D. (1996). AIDS and transfer factor: myths, certainties and realities. Biotherapy (Dordrecht, Netherlands), 9(1-3), 17-26. Persistent link to this record

ShapeRite 4Life MetaboLite™ Diet Pills helps your thyroid manage your weight

ShapeRite 4Life MetaboLite™ Diet Pills helps your thyroid manage your weight
Item# 1005-6
Price: $25.95
Sale: $20.95, 12/$230.45

Product Review


ShapeRite 4Life MetaboLite™ - Weight management through a Healthy Thyroid and Cellular Metabolism

A weight loss program requires commitment and focus in order to enjoy the kind of health and vitality your body is craving. In addition, research has uncovered that certain organs, glands, and systems within the body must work properly for optimum weight to be maintained. One such gland is the thyroid. Located in your neck, the thyroid produces essential hormones that regulate weight, heart rate, cholesterol levels, muscle strength, skin condition, eyesight, and several bodily functions, including your overall metabolism. MetaboLite supports proper thyroid hormone release which is vital in promoting a healthy metabolic rate.

ShapeRite MetaboLite developed by 4Life Research is a scientifically time-tested weight management product used by thousands of people for over a decade. It includes nutrients from Bladderwrack and other plants that are required to nourish healthy thyroid functioning. MetaboLite also features natural enzymes from papaya, pineapple, and globe artichoke to support the digestive system, another important key to nutrient absorption for efficient metabolism. Finally, ShapeRite MetaboLite diet pills by 4Life Research contain wide-spectrum phytonutrients from spirulina and sage that contribute nutrition for efficient cellular metabolism.

Primary MetaboLite Diet Pills Benefits

MetaboLite Supports A Balanced Thyroid: Maintaining the health of the thyroid affects the health of the entire body, including optimum metabolism regulation. Bladderwrack is included in the 4Life ShapeRite MetaboLite diet pills formulation for its high content of iodine, which is used to produce adequate levels of thyroid hormones that are crucial in maintaining normal energy levels and a healthy weight.

MetaboLite Provides Digestive System Support: When your body utilizes food properly it provides for proper cell nutrition, in turn promoting healthy eating habits. Enzymes aid the body in the breakdown of proteins, sugars, carbohydrates, and fats, facilitating healthy daily nutrient absorption. ShapeRite MetaboLite diet pills by 4Life Research includes enzymes papain and bromelain derived from papaya, pineapple, and globe artichoke to provide excellent digestive support.

MetaboLite Includes Nutrition Support: Wide-spectrum phytonutrients from Hawaiian spirulina and sage contribute to the health of your cells. Hawaiian spirulina provides a super-concentrated source of beta carotene, as well as vitamin B12. 4Life ShapeRite MetaboLite diet pills also promotes normal hair and nail growth, and supports healthy energy levels. Sage provides important antioxidant benefit for the body, supports the brain and nervous system, and promotes normal levels of inflammation.

What makes MetaboLite diet pills unique?

• MetaboLite supplies Kelp, a sea vegetable from the brown algae group also known as Bladderwrack. Herbalists use Fuscus vesiculosis, the Bladderwrack used as a thyroid nutrient, blood purifier, and toxin scavinger for centuries because of its high algin and iodine content.

• ShapeRite MetaboLite weight loss diet pills provide just the right amount of enzymes from papaya, pineapple, and globe artichoke to support digestive functions for more efficient weight loss.

• MetaboLite diet pills supply a wide spectrum concentrated source of phytonutrients from Hawaiian spirulina.

• MetaboLite diet pills contain sage which contributes strong antioxidant activity (phenolic acids), digestive support (volatile oil), tannins, and flavonoids for cellular nutrition.

• MetaboLite diet pills provide thyroid gland support which secrets hormones that support a wide range of functions including weight control, heart rate, cholesterol levels, muscle strength, skin condition, and eyesight

MetaboLite Ingredients

Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) herb
Red Wheat (Triticum aestivum) seed bran
Hawaiian Spirulina (Spirulina pacifica)
Sage (Salvia officinalis) leaf
Buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula) bark extract
Papaya (Carica papaya) fruit (Papain)
Pineapple (Ananas comosus) fruit (Bromelain)
Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) leaf
Other Ingredients: Gelatin, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, and rice bran