Report On Children Using Transfer Factor To Support The Immune System

Transfer Factor is a nutrient that supports the immune system. These are just articles about how transfer factor impacted the immune system. It Does not treat disease and this is not medical advice.

Quiet Victories: A Journey Towards Health and Wellness
A Quarterly Newsletter by David M. Markowitz, M.D.

Transfer Factor Immune System Support Can and Does Make a Difference!

We have just finished a review of our first 12 months' Pediatric experience with Transfer Factor (and Transfer Factor Plus) from 4Life Research and the review confirms our initial feelings.   88 children who used TF daily at the recommended doses for six or more months were compared to same aged and same sexed children who did not use TF, and their illness and antibiotic use were compared.  We found in this retrospective study a 74% reduction in reported illness and an 84% reduction in antibiotic use.  Using any measure, these are very significant results.

No untoward reactions were reported.  We have started to review the costs of the illness/antibiotic saved by the use of TF.  Initial results indicate over $25,000 saved in the user group in medical care, office visits, and drug costs.  Again, these results of major consequence and show that the use of TF not only improves the quality of life for the child and his/her family, it makes sense economically.  Soon we will be approaching Insurance Carriers to support the use of TF as a dietary supplement in our patients.  How could TF change your child's life? Transfer Factor immune support can help your child's immune system better fight off threats to their health.


An experience with HIV: Kenny's Story

An early success with Immune Boosting naturally in a young man with HIV.  KG is a 20 year old with Hemophilia who contracted HIV many years ago from "dirty" clotting factors used to treat his Hemophilia.  KG has been on many regimens for his HIV, including most recently (within the past year), an experimental regimen with no positive response.  If anything, he suffered from many of the side effects of retroviral therapy.  Five months ago, KG started a high dose regimen of TF (3 caps 3 times daily) and TF+ (2 caps 3 times daily), concurrent with his experimental therapy.  He has remained infectious disease free throughout his TF boosting.  He also came to us with very exciting news three weeks ago: he has a ZERO viral count and an increasing, now close to normal CD4 count of 475.  Is Kenny out of the woods completely? No, but he is now well on his way to possibly being disease free. His next counts are scheduled for six weeks from now and we will keep all posted. Kenny is a peer counselor and educator for HIV/AIDS and he is now spreading the word about TF and TF+ to members of the AIDS community.  He is also a 4LR distributor and hopes to build a huge sales organization of persons challenged with HIV and Hepatitis C.  As such, he said that he would not have to deal with the prejudices against those infected with HIV: seems that 4LR may just give Kenny a NEW LIFE, on many different levels.  The power of TF/TF+ and 4LR continues .......

TF and TF+ Support in Malignancy in Childhood

ID is an eleven year old with a complex leukemia history.  He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 2 with a relapse several years after chemotherapy.  Next came a bone marrow transplant and THREE more relapses after the transplant.  To add insult to injury, the last relapse was diagnosed as Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia, a VERY difficult cancer to treat.  On to a very toxic course of chemotherapy and a slow definitive road to remission. ID was started on TF initially at month 5 of chemotherapy to help support his immune function and hopefully, reduce the chances of infectious complications.  TF+ was added 2 months later. His oncologist (my medical partner) has been very pleased and impressed with the results.  First, ID "breezed through his therapy" tolerating very low blood counts, with no febrile (or infectious) episodes, and always in very good spirits. When last seen in early 9/99, ID was "thriving" and continues in full remission, with no infectious disease, enjoying a full life as a vigorous 11 year school kid.  The "way Life should be". How has TF and TF+ impacted this young man? It most likely spared him the life-threatening complications of infectious disease.  It apparently improved his tolerance of a very toxic course of chemotherapy. And it may be helping his immune system fight against relapse and infectious stresses.  Unquestionably, the fact that ID is alive is a miracle, one dictated by a "Higher Authority": the quality of his life may just be because of immune boosting with 4LR products... And his spirit and his will to live.

Hepatitis C and TF/TF+

Kim is a 37 year old father of 4 children with advanced Hepatitis C, facing a long and expensive therapy with Interferon, a therapy fraught with many side effects.  Kim decided to give the immune boosting capabilities of TF and TF+ a chance to support his own body's abilities to fight off viral infection, before he started this Interferon.  Although his results are still preliminary and very early, thus far Kim has had very encouraging results. After 4-5 months of fairly consistent use of TF and TF+ to support the immune system, Kim's liver function tests have improved dramatically and at times are within normal limits. He FEELS so much better and the complicating factors of gastro-esophageal reflux (acid reflux) and constipation are now totally resolved.  He has voluntarily stopped all of his reflux and bowel medications.  His energy levels have increased and remain high, as long as he takes his immune boosters regularly.  He too looks forward to sharing this experience with others with Hep C and the physicians who treat these challenged people.  We wish Kim well in his goals of healing himself and others with 4LR.

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