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Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation

Transfer Factors Use in Immunorehabilitation After Infectious-Inflammatory and Somatic Diseases

Methodological Letter

Moscow 2004


This communication presents the results of clinical trials, which were designed to study the effectiveness of a complex colostrum derived product, Transfer Factor™ (and Transfer Factor Plus™), in various pathological conditions and to study the influence of cellular mediators, which are incorporated in Transfer Factor, on different components of the immune system. The authors give recommendations concerning the use of Transfer Factor products in medical practice.

This methodology letter was considered and approved at the Central Coordination meeting of the Methodological Council of Altay State Medical University (protocol No 4, 05.11.2003) and sent to the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation for their consideration.


  1. Preface / 7
  2. Current Concepts of the Development of Immune Response Mechanisms and the Restoration Principles of Impaired Functions of Immune Cells /9
  3. Colostrum Derived Transfer Factors - A New Generation of Immunomodulating Agents /14
  4. The Use of Transfer Factors in Various Diseases / 19
  5. Methods of Transfer Factors Use and Recommended Doses / 33
  6. Conclusions / 33
  7. References / 36


Various Academic

Academician A.A. Vorobiev, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), Honored Russian Federation (RF) Scientist, Doctor of Immunology

Professors Iu.V.  Telnuikh, MD and E.O. Khalturina, MD, Sechenov Medical Academy, Moscow, HM, RF.

Professor M.V. Kisielevsky, MD, Russian Blokhin Cancer Research Center,  RAMS

Doctors N.V. Karbuisheva, MD, Professor V.M. Granitov, and Associate Professors A.S. Khabarow, D.V. Kipriyanov, N.Iu. Raiu, Municipal Hospital #5, Altay State Medical University, Barnaul.

Candidates of Medical Sciences L.V. Sultanov, E. Lu. Kozhevnikova, S.I. Belyikh, Altay Regional Center for AIDS Prevention and Control.

Professors V.A. Dadali, A.V. Rak, E.S. Stolpnyik, Candidates G.A. Baslovich, L>B> Gaykovskaya, St. Petersburg's mechnikov State Medical Academy.

Doctors E. Oganova, MD and C.W. McCausland, PhD chemical sciences, 4Life research, USA.

Associate Professor G.M. Letifov, MD, Rostov State Medical University.

Copyright © 2005

Published by:

Center of MicroNutrientology

Moscow, Russian Federation

Printed in the United States of America, English

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