Transfer Factor Cancer

The word cancer strikes fear in the minds of many. After all it is the second biggest killer in the United States. Some of the first things that may happen when a person thinks one may have or is diagnosed with cancer can be fear, denial, or anger.

If a person has little knowledge, one may panic. Panic is a uncontrollable overwhelming fear of the unknown. Fear occurs when a person has some knowledge of cancer but believes that little can be done about it or believes that it always requires chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, financial hardship, loss of income, devastation of family relationships, and other adverse events. Panic is like being frozen. It delays diagnosis, which lets the cancer grow. But this does not have to be.

Denial is another response. It is also based on insufficient knowledge and lack of a plan. It also includes an element of fear. Denial is a irrational response because one is unwilling to accept facts, learn, and make a plan of action.

Anger develops out of frustration due to an perceived inability to successfully overcome or prevent cancer. It usually involves a lack of control and placing blame on something like unhealthy lifestyle, genetics, pollution, toxins, or denial. Anger can be a great motivator or highly destructive when it comes to overcoming cancer. When applied intelligently, it activates the fight or flight response which helps one to identify the causes and initiate a plan of action for constructive changes in lifestyle and self control.

I am proposing that one can get past these self destructive thoughts.

I would like to clear up one of the myths about transfer factor. Some of the distributors have incorrectly promoted 4Life transfer factor as a transfer factor cancer cure. This stems from a number of studies. One of these studies shows that 4Life Transfer Factor Plus in a laboratory study increases natural killer cell activity against cancer cells by 437 percent. Another study shows that there is an 98 percent improvement in the long term survival rate of terminal cancer patients. Yet another study shows that white blood cell counts improved in patients undergoing cancer treatment. These studies are listed on our reference and study pages for you to study if you are so inclined. However, it is improper to reach a conclusion based on cancer studies alone. Good scientific research demands that many factors and studies are taken into consideration before reaching such a conclusion.

Short-sightedness has led some people to conclude that transfer factor cures cancer. However, none of the studies show that transfer factors have any significant effect on cancer patients that differs from people without cancer. The results are showing that transfer factors are molecules that carry immune information from a strong experienced immune system and share that experience with an inexperienced immune system making it better able to recognize, respond, and recover from foreign invaders and other threats to your health. There are broad spectrum advantages to educating the immune system. Every body gets cancer cells on a regular basis and the immune system is responsible for destroying them. We can conclude that transfer factors support immune system activity that is advantageous for cancer patients and non-cancer patients alike.

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