What Is A Healing Crisis?

Some people who take transfer factors have a healing crisis. This article will explain a lot if you do not know what a healing crisis is. One of the first things that happen when we are exposed to foreign invaders is that our immunoglobulin antibodies (IgA) attack invaders and sends signals for our bodies to release a series of chemicals that cause tissues to swell to form a barrier, and block invaders. We have all noticed this when we injure ourselves or are exposed to bacteria or virus that gives us a sore throat.

We call this swelling inflammation. Aside from the pain from the damage and free radicals that the invader caused, the swelling can put pressure on nerves, which send pain signals to the brain. This is how we bring conscious attention to the threat so that we take steps to deal with it and insure our survival. It is what our bodies need to do to fight the invader during the early stages of the threat. Ideally, at this point, transfer factors should successfully instruct the immune system to identify what the threat represents. Then send a correct response, which includes supplying sufficient numbers of immune cells (such as T-Cells, and Antibodies), possibly creating a fever to destroy the invaders, and secreting fluids to wash out the invaders, which can cause sneezing and coughing. These are healthy functions of the immune system, and not the invader. You should help the immune system to do its work by getting rest and eating right. Interference usually delays your recovery. Next, your body directs the repair of the damage, which includes sending enzymes, antioxidants, and other nutrients, and removing the chemicals that cause the inflammation. Finally, transfer factors must instruct the immune system to remember what to do so it is prepared to act more quickly if the threat returns.

If for some reason, something like sugar, low quality food, lack of rest, stress, pollution, or toxins compromises your immune system response, you may not eliminate the invader and so it continues to cause damage to your body. Alternatively, if something like a virus or drug causes your immune system to overreact; you may continue to have symptoms. These may include an auto immune response (An auto immune response is when your immune system attacks your own cells), or, runny nose, rash, sneezing, or watery eyes known as an allergy symptoms (Which is your immune system overacting to a minor threat). If we are irresponsible and do not take action to eliminate the causes of these over and under reactive immune system, responses and we allow the causes to continue, they can subtlety slow us down and adversely affect the quality of our lives. In the extreme, this leads to disease, which requires the expensive attention of a medical professional.

It is very important to eliminate contributing causes and take action to support all of the structures and functions of your body. One of the best ways that you can balance up your immune system response is by taking transfer factor. The healing crisis occurs when your immune system balances. You then start to experience the functions or symptoms of a healthy immune system response. All it is is that your immune system is fighting off the invaders that it could not fight before taking the transfer factor. Once you get through the healing crisis, you should feel your energy return to the level it was at before your immune system became unbalanced. This takes days for some people and months for others. You should feel younger, more energetic, and feel a zest for life. That zest for life is the key. If you do not feel it, you are still in need of a tune-up.

People, who have that zest for life, may not notice any change when they start taking transfer factor. However, it is still helpful because it works in subtle ways that reduce the damage caused by invaders and keeps you better prepared for new threats when they occur. People who take transfer factors see gradual improvements in the bio-markers of aging.

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