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Stress Formula - Tension Reduction - 100 Capsules Blister Pack

Stress Formula - Tension Reduction - 100 Capsules Blister Pack
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Product Review

Tension Reduction

Stress Formula supplies a protective nutritional shield against the effects of modern-day stress. Stress Formula contains key ingredients recognized for their powerful calming influence, like chamomile, valerian, and peppermint. This nourishing blend provides the essential support you need to comfortably take life as it comes!

Primary Benefits

• Promotes increased energy and improved concentration
• Provides a powerful, calming influence for nervous tension and anxiety with key ingredients such as chamomile, valerian, ginkgo biloba, and peppermint
• Supports enhanced and balanced autonomic, sensory, and motor functions by nourishing your body’s nerve messaging centers
• Promotes reduced stomach discomfort that can be associated with stress

What makes this product unique?

• Stress Formula is a safe and effective daily support product.
• This concentrated blend of herbs provides an excellent source of daily support to the circulatory system and promotes a calming effect to support a healthy central nervous system. Providing support to these body systems will help promote energy and improved concentration.

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